Glitch Discord Bot Starter Kit

Installing Your Bot

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Welcome to our interactive Discord Bot install guide! We highly recommend our intro video, after watching it you should have a general idea of what you need to do to create your Discord bot.

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Create your Discord application

Complete these at the Discord Developer Portal

Discord tokens

  • A token is a secret password
  • It can be used to hack your bot!
Yikes so how do I keep it secure?
Only put it in one place! That's the .env file!

Your .env file might look complicated, but basically the format is to put your secret token after the "=". Don't add any extra spaces because that can cause errors. So let's say your Discord Bot token is PASSWORD123. Then your .env would look like:

                # Environment Config

                # store your secrets and config variables in here
                # only invited collaborators will be able to see your .env values

                # reference these in your code with process.env.SECRET

                # note: .env is a shell file so there can't be spaces around =
Click here to go to your .env file

You don't want to put tokens in server.js because by default in Glitch anyone can see that file. And if you copy the project, it will copy the file with the secure token. Yikes!

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Test your install

Click the button to see if your .env is set up right!

Looks like your token is working! Click the refresh button to refresh the page and see further steps for building your bot:

Oops look's like there might be something wrong with your .env file. Check it out and then try again.

Common issues

  • Spaces between = and the token
  • Spaces after the token
  • Missing your Discord Bot token

the good news is you have a good .env file the bad news is it doesn't recognize your token. Head to the Discord Developer Portal to make sure you have the right one

OK so this is awkward...but it appears this project is living on a banned host. Please post the name of this Glitch app here this support forum thread and we'll fix it asap!